Tom Carpenter, Executive Director of Hanford Challenge, an ANA member group, spoke to Democracy Now‘s Amy Goodman on May 12 about the emergency situation that has unfolded at Hanford this week.

On Tuesday, May 9, a tunnel containing radioactive waste collapsed. The Department of Energy (DOE) claims that no employees were exposed to radiation and that there was no release of radioactive particles. However, Carpenter warns, “What is the next shoe that’s going to fall? So, what’s in this tunnel, right? So, we know that there are chemicals. There are explosive materials. There could be fires that happen. So we’re all watching with bated breath.”

ANA’s new report, “Accountability Audit,” addresses the woefully inadequate investment that the government has made in cleaning up contaminated nuclear weapon sites such as Hanford.

The full clip of Carpenter’s Democracy Now appearance is linked below.