Watch the full video of Chain Reaction: Securing Our Future, live-streamed June 8, 2020

Chain Reaction is Ploughshares Fund’s annual gala, gathering leaders in our field, devoted partners, and new advocates to generate a nexus of ideas, opportunities, and strategies to advance nuclear policy and promote the elimination of nuclear weapons. Enjoy the full video of Chain Reaction: Securing Our Future, live-streamed via Zoom on June 8, 2020.

Our speakers were right. The threats to our security—whether from nuclear weapons, from COVID-19, from police brutality, from systematic racism, from climate change—are real, and the consequences are dire.

Watch the whole video here or these segments:

About Chain Reaction: Securing Our Future

Now is the time for action, not apathy. For concern, not indifference.

We hope you are moved to join the movement, to advocate for and support the work of Ploughshares Fund and the brilliant people in our circle fighting for a more secure future for all—like Bill Perry, Jerry Brown, Rachel Bronson, Asha George, Sharon Squassoni , and, of course, the new generation of leaders in the field represented by Tristan Guyette, Molly Hurley and other dynamic members of the BombSquad. And so many more.

The complete video above contains the following program:

  • Welcome by Speaker Nancy Pelosi
  • Opening address by Master of Ceremonies Terry Gamble Boyer
  • A panel of experts from the Science & Security Board at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Rachel Bronson, Gov. Jerry Brown, Asha George, and Sharon Squassoni (moderated by Elizabeth Warner)
  • A conversation between Secretary of Defense Bill Perry  and Director of Policy Tom Collina about their new book, The Button
  • An introduction to the BombSquad, fellows from Beyond the Bomb led by Tristan Guyette and Molly Hurley
  • Message from Michael Douglas.
  • Addresses by outgoing and incoming presidents of Ploughshares Fund, Joe Cirincione and Emma Belcher