New Beyond Nuclear fact sheets opposing Consolidated Interim Storage Facilities:

Maximizing Health and Environmental Protection: Permanent Geologic Disposal versus Surface Storage of Nuclear Waste;

Licensing Now Underway for Two Unlawful Consolidated ‘Interim’ Storage Nuclear Waste Facilities: New Mexico and Texas/What Measures Are Needed for Reasonably Safe Interim Storage at Reactor Sites Pending Repository Siting and Licensing?;

Packaging and Transporting Highly Radioactive Nuclear Waste: Adding Unnecessary Costs and Risks/Transportation Detour;

The Challenge of Effectively Isolating Highly Radioactive Nuclear Waste/Stalled on the Road to a Repository;

Why is Highly Radioactive Nuclear Waste Dangerous?/The Nuclear Waste Policy Act: Bedrock Principles for the Protection of Future Generations from the Dangers of Highly Radioactive Nuclear Waste;

How Can the U.S. Achieve Success on the Road to a Repository?/Federal and State Officials Are Refusing to Take the Dangerous Dead-End Detour to Consolidated “Interim” Nuclear Waste Storage;

Consolidated “Interim” Storage of Highly Radioactive Nuclear Waste: A Dangerous and Inequitable Dead-End Detour Away from a Repository;

ConsentBased Repository Siting: A Necessary and Viable Path to Permanent Disposal of Nuclear Waste/Federal and State Officials Are Refusing to Take the Dangerous Dead-End Detour to Consolidated “Interim” Storage.

The intended audience for the fact sheets are Members of Congress and their staff, as well as other officials at all levels of government — federal, state, county, local, and Indigenous. (Please feel free to use the fact sheets as hand outs in your meetings with officials, whether face-to-face and hardcopy, or Zooms and links to PDFs!) But the fact sheets can also serve as important educational tools for citizens and activists concerned about highly radioactive waste, the general public, as well as the news media.

The author of the fact sheets is Beyond Nuclear’s radioactive waste specialist, Kevin Kamps. Legal support for the fact sheets was provided by Diane Curran of Harmon, Curran, Spielberg & Eisenberg, L.L.P.

Beyond Nuclear would also like to thank numerous respected colleagues who provided peer review on these fact sheets. However, Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear remains responsible for any errors of commission or omission.