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Nuclear weapons will demand the immediate attention of the next Administration and Congress. ANA offers ten conservative actions the government can take immediately to reduce the nuclear threat, make the nation more secure, and save hundreds of billions of dollars.

Don’t Preach Nuclear Arms to Archbishop

In response to (the Aug. 13) editorial “Archbishop’s nuclear weapons view needs a homily on reality,” I was one of the speakers at the 75th anniversary commemoration of the Hiroshima atomic bombing, organized by Fr. John Dear, at which Santa Fe Archbishop John Wester...

Nuclear Blackmail in Illinois

David Kraft   Exelon stranglehold on energy legislation runs long and deep Breaking news update: Today, August 10, a putative class of Commonwealth Edison customers filed a civil racketeering lawsuit against Illinois Speaker of the...

Nuclear Power Goes South in South Carolina

Linda Pentz Gunter Executive admits fraud in fleecing ratepayers and shareholders “It looks like crime might well pay after all.” That was the weary and only slightly tongue-in-cheek conclusion drawn by longtime anti-nuclear campaigner,...

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for more information on August events remembering and commemorating all those who perished and those who have witnessed the destructive power of nuclear weapons —hibakusha, pacific islanders, downwinders.