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Nuclear Power Goes South in South Carolina

Linda Pentz Gunter Executive admits fraud in fleecing ratepayers and shareholders “It looks like crime might well pay after all.” That was the weary and only slightly tongue-in-cheek conclusion drawn by longtime anti-nuclear campaigner,...

Gov. argues against Holtec nuclear storage site

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham sent a letter to President Donald Trump on Tuesday, arguing against a proposed nuclear waste interim storage facility in southeast New Mexico. “The proposed (facility) would join the ranks of uranium mining, nuclear energy and...

LANL trolley that carries radioactive material broken down

“If LANL can’t drive a trolley or clean up old stuff without exposing people, how can they safely expand plutonium pit production?” asked Scott Kovac, research and operations director for nonprofit Nuclear Watch New Mexico. BY: SCOTT WYLAND | An...

ACTION ALERT: Please submit public comments opposing the ISP/WCS CISF in TX by Nov. 3!

Two High-level Nuclear Waste “Interim” Storage sites for nuclear power (‘spent’) nuclear fuel are targeted for New Mexico (company: Holtec) and Texas (company: WCS/ISP)

The rest of the country will also be impacted as the waste must travel to get there through or near your state and region on rails/roads/waterways regularly over the next 40+ years if they open.

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is processing both applications, and is now asking for public input on the environmental impacts. Comments were already due on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement on Holtec and are due on 11-3-2020 on WCS ISP. The draft environmental impact statements both ridiculously claim that most environmental impacts will be ‘small,’ and a very few ‘moderate.’

This is for transport and storage of over 90% of the radioactivity in the nuclear power and weapons fuel chain! It cannot be so minimal.