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Our Issues


We work to oppose our massive nuclear weapons complex. This expensive and dangerous choice is something we can change.


Nuclear waste remains a dangerous legacy of energy and weapons production. We need a responsible nuclear waste disposal strategy.


The time has come for a carbon-free, nuclear free future. Nuclear Energy is expensive, dirty, and dangerous; We can do better.

Congressional Views on Nuclear Weapons and Waste

The Congressional Mapping Project

This project tracks the views of key senators and representatives on nuclear weapons and waste. To use this resource, select the state that you wish to view and you will be redirected to a page containing information about that states’ senators and representatives.

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The map above depicts the views of various members of congress on nuclear energy and weapons.
To start viewing, simply click on a state and you will be redirected to a page with information on that states’ congressional representation.

Latest News from ANA

Gov. argues against Holtec nuclear storage site

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham sent a letter to President Donald Trump on Tuesday, arguing against a proposed nuclear waste interim storage facility in southeast New Mexico. “The proposed (facility) would join the ranks of uranium mining, nuclear energy and...

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LANL trolley that carries radioactive material broken down

“If LANL can’t drive a trolley or clean up old stuff without exposing people, how can they safely expand plutonium pit production?” asked Scott Kovac, research and operations director for nonprofit Nuclear Watch New Mexico. BY: SCOTT WYLAND | An...

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Trinity: 75 Years Later

On the 75th anniversary of the world’s first nuclear weapons explosion: The Trinity test near Alamogordo in 1945, KSFR News Director Tom Trowbridge spoke with a longtime New Mexico journalist about the anniversary. ORIGINAL BROADCAST - KSFR

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Church Rock Uranium Spill July 16, 1979

In 1968, the United Nuclear Corporation initiated mining operations in the largest underground uranium mine in the United States. Located in Church Rock, New Mexico, in the Navajo Native American Reservation, the Church Rock Mill produced more than two million pounds...

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Officials and NGOs Express Deep Concerns about Holtec

Officials and NGOs Express Deep Concerns about Holtec

“Many commenters stated that the storage could be permanent because there is no disposal site.  They reminded the NRC that this is why the law requires that a permanent repository be selected before the designation of an interim facility like Holtec, and this has not...

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