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2022 DC Days Ask Report – OUT NOW!

2022 DC Days Ask Report – OUT NOW!

Our DC Days 2022 Ask Report is out now! Alliance for Nuclear Accountability groups focus on: Stopping new nuclear weapons design, engineering, production, and testing activities. Addressing challenges from cleanup and waste management, processing, storage, and...

DOE Consent for Interim Storage Starting (AGAIN)!

DOE Consent for Interim Storage Starting (AGAIN)!

The Department of Energy's Federal Register has the attached announcement of a public comment period through March 4, 2022 for consent-based siting of spent fuel storage. Stay tuned for sample comments from ANA and our member groups. View: Notice of Request for...


WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY’S FY 2022  NUCLEAR WEAPONS AND CLEANUP BUDGET REQUEST May 26, 2021 For use with DOE’s scheduled budget release on Friday May 28, 2021 For more information, key contacts are listed below. The White House is releasing...

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