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The American Centrifuge Facility (The Piketon Atomic Plant): “Piketon’s New Nuclear Chapter” – Excerpt from the Scioto Valley Guardian

While the facility is viewed as a regional economic cornerstone, supplying numerous jobs, concerns about safety outweigh the financial benefits in the eyes of many community members. Vina Colley, a former employee of the GDP, is among those who have taken a stand against the facility. Colley, who has vocally decried rising cancer rates and linked radioactive contamination to the GDP clean-up efforts, appeals for a thorough examination of reports and facts before advocating for full-time operations at the neighboring Centrus facility. She calls upon current Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm to take action and to listen to those affected by the radioactive contamination.

2022 DC Days Ask Report

2022 DC Days Ask Report

Our DC Days 2022 Ask Report is out now! Alliance for Nuclear Accountability groups focus on: Stopping new nuclear weapons design, engineering, production, and testing activities. Addressing challenges from cleanup and waste management, processing, storage, and...

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